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New Web Site

As you can see, we recently moved to a new web site.  The reasons for the move were several:

First, the web address has changed to an address that is easier to remember and one that “makes sense.”  One comment from visitors was that it was hard to remember our web address.

Second, we have greater storage capability – more storage means we can keep more sermons online for a longer period of time.  All sermons are saved off-line, and can be requested by a simple e-mail.  But we can keep several months worth of sermons posted online.  Plus, in the near future, we are planning on posting the sermon notes hand-outs that everyone fills out on Sunday mornings.  Any visitor can print out their very own sermon notes booklet and follow along and fill in the notes.

Third, we are going to make a greater effort to communicate via Facebook and the blogs associated with this site.  Not only will this particular blog have updated news and information, but links to my wife, Cathy’s personal blog, will also be available.  I am also working on building a personal blog.  Another way to stay in communication is via Twitter.  I hope that many of you will consider joining Twitter as you will be able to follow Cathy and I as we observe what is happening in our lives.

Fourthly, feel free to dialogue and respond.  Give us ideas.  Ask questions.  You are missing the best part of this new site if all you do is read and don’t interact.  You can discuss sermons, ask about church functions, make prayer requests, or just drop in to say, “Hi.”  We’d love to hear from you.

Finally, be patient with the website construction!  We will be experimenting with new looks, new colors, new features, and all kinds of new ideas before we “finish” the site.  In fact, we may never reach a finished product, but will keep tinkering and improving as we go.

Stay tuned!

Pastor Tracy

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